Gannin In To Toon MUGS

Gannin In To Toon MUGS


Moorland Pottery Mugs ,Original Scraffito Mugs.Mugs designs by Jonathan Plant. Each mugs is individually produced with Jonathan's authentic Scraffito design technique Mugs with humorous phrases and local colloquialisms.Mugs

 Mugs Capacity and Dimensions - the medium sized Flared Mugs holds 11 Fluid Ounces (11 FL Oz.) or 1/2 Pint (1/2 Pt.) Mugs

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Price: £14.50 (including VAT)

Delivery can take up to 10 working days depending on stock

Special Offer: For purchases over 30 get 15% off, over 50 get 20% off, over 75 get 25% off, over 100 get 30% off. Discounts apply to prices before VAT.

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